8 Common Things You (and Everyone Else) Should Stop Doing

This is simply a list of bad habits (excluding obvious ones like smoking, drugs, and alcohol) that so many people have and need to break. And if you do something on this list, don't worry, you're not alone.

1. Tanning: 
For some reason, people still tan even though most know the consequences: sunburn, wrinkles, sunspots, or even skin cancer. Do yourself (and your skin) a favor and use a self tanner instead. You only need about 15 minutes of sun exposure to produce enough vitamin D. Moderation is fine; just stop making regular indoor tanning appointments and sitting out in the sun all day without sunscreen. Eventually, your tan will fade, but your leathery skin won't.
 2. Obsessing About Your Weight:
Is it really necessary to get on the scale a million times a day? It's even worse if you see the number go up a pound or two throughout the day. Do you have to know the exact number of calories you've consumed today? Maybe your answer is yes, but try to stop stressing over it so much; stress can make you gain more weight. Many people say it's your health, B.M.I., and waistline and other measurements that really matter. Gaining muscle while losing fat might make your weight go up, even though you'll look better and be healthier. However, the scale doesn't know the difference. Or maybe it's the opposite for you and you want to gain weight. Either way, it's good to care about your weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, but it might not be such a great idea to obsess over it.
3. Procrastinating:
Procrastinating is an awful habit, and a very difficult one to break. I procrastinate a lot, too. Unfortunately, putting a task off won't make it disappear. While your trying to do something fun, you're distracted by the work you have to do, and worrying about getting it done. Usually you're just wasting time. Don't put off your goals either, especially the long term ones. If you do you'll never get anywhere. In the end it's much easier to get work out of the way, and if you don't you'll wish you had later.
4. Sitting in Front of the TV All Day:
Watching too much television is simply unhealthy. Not only does it "rot" your brain, it's also addicting, used as an escape from reality, and can raise the risk of premature death. You're also more prone to unhealthy snacking. Of course, there's nothing wrong with an hour or two of relaxing-- just don't let it become hours of mindless TV watching. In fact, one study found that people who spent more than four hours in front of the television were 46% more likely to die prematurely of any cause, and 80% more likely to die from heart disease. Interestingly though, the study found that activities like reading and writing don't effect people as badly as watching TV.
5. Following Bad Fashion Trends:
 Sometimes following fashion trends aren't such a great idea-- especially when they're bad trends. If you think it's ugly or dumb, don't follow the trend just to fit in. You wouldn't want another fashion regret. Especially if you followed that bad trend for years. A recent example? Those circle lenses inspired by Lady Gaga. They aren't necessarily ugly, but there are many health concerns regarding them and they're illegal in the US. I recently read an article about someone who tried them because she wanted to seem young or cool. Probably a bad idea. Although, if you really love fashion, feel free to try the trends, as long as they aren't health hazardous.
6. Thinking Negatively:
 Most likely, negative thoughts aren't going to lead to happiness. They can even get so bad that you convince yourself that something obviously good is bad. Sometimes these thoughts can even lead to depression. Try to see the world from a more positive perspective. Trust me, you'll have so much more to smile about.

7. Taking Everything For Granted:
It really annoys me that most people walk around not appreciating anything, or thinking everything will be the same forever. You know that saying, "you don't know what you have until it's gone"? I know too many people who don't even bother trying to recognize what they have, while they still have it. I'd rather not regret not appreciating something I had while it was still there.
8. Doing Nothing:
Don't just sit around waiting for a better life to find you-- it probably won't, and life is just too short to wait. Set some short-term goals that lead to a long-term one and start making an effort to accomplish something. Find some hobbies and make some more friends, too. It's way more enjoyable than wasting your life away doing nothing. Stop waiting for something big to happen, because even if it does things might not go the way you think they will afterward.
 So, what do you think? Obviously this list could be much longer, but do you think I left out something really important? Let me know. I'll probably write more about a few of these topics in the future. Oh, and if you need any help with getting rid of one of these bad habits, try the advice section.

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