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If you'd like to guest post, send me an email of the post at or simply send it with the contact form below. You can send personal stories, rants, controversial things, articles you've written, advice, or anything interesting as long as they pertain to everyday problems, advice, life, etc. If you're not sure, just send it anyway or ask me. It would be great to hear your opinions and viewpoints; everyone's are different. If you write an article please include a few links to sources, and include your opinions or feelings on the matter. You can also include your website URL, if you have one, and I'll link it to your name. For this blog, it's important to add a personal touch. (You can write it with a serious or humorous tone, for example.) Also, keep in mind that this is mostly a teen/young adult blog. Sorry, but I can't guarantee that I'll post what you send in, but if I don't I'll try to find some blogs where it would be suited to be on.

If you don't want to write a post, but you have an interesting topic, you can send it in as a suggestion for me to write about. Include your name (and website URL) and I'll happily give you credit for giving me the idea.

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