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Welcome to Like a Snowflake! I think the main point of this blog is just to get something out of it (preferably positive) and sometimes to make you think. Maybe even cause you to realize something? Plus, most of the posts have some sort of advice in them. Still, I can't tell you the exact point of the blog, because there's more than one point and, well, I'm not completely sure yet. As you might have noticed, my posts vary quite a lot. I guess what you get out of this blog will vary from what others get out of it. Some might be affected hugely, while others, not so much. Also, I'd really like for this blog to become something like a community. (Wouldn't that be kind of cool? Not expecting it to happen anytime soon, though.) I'm guessing that mostly teens and young adults would find this blog interesting. Who knows?

I also think it's important that this blog isn't robot-like lecturing. I try to include personal stories because I want you to be able to relate or understand better. I'm not a writer for a newspaper; you're going to see some of my personality through the posts. Hopefully that adds something to them. I really hope it makes them less boring. Also, the posts will range from very serious to really humorous. It depends on how I'm feeling when I write them. Sometimes I'll add humor to the most serious posts; don't be offended or anything. Sorry if the occasional randomness makes you roll your eyes. Feel free to ignore it.

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I've finally gotten around to writing my 'about me'!  Let me just say, though, that I'm not very good at writing these. I'm always that person with the blank 'about me' in their profile on social networking sites. Anyone I actually know would be in complete shock if they read this blog (and knew it was mine). You should feel special.

My name's Roni (obviously). I'm yet another blogging teen living in the U.S. Before I actually started a blog, I thought blogging was stupid (I know, *gasp*) because I thought blogging was about having an online diary. I think that's how it mainly started out...? Being the somewhat secretive person that I am, I couldn't understand why anyone would publicly share such private information (and I still don't, really) nor could I understand why anyone would want to read about a stranger's personal life (and I still don't, exactly). I have, of course, realized that blogging is actually pretty fun, and even something so simple as this can cheer me up after having a bad day.

So, about me, personally. Well, I'm really optimistic, sometimes too much of an introvert, I think constantly  (literally) and maybe too much,  I'm quite creative, I have a bad habit of procrastinating, and I'm extremely ambitious. Seriously, I have some pretty high expectations of myself. Although, I also have a pretty good self esteem compared to other teens. Oh, and here are a few things I dislike: making huge decisions under pressure (I'm very indecisive), permanence (partially because I'm indecisive), and how quickly time passes (the reason for this would be painfully obvious if you were to evaluate my personality). Maybe "hate" would be more accurate. Well, moving on. I'm often described as too nice, too smart, generous (yes, some people try to take advantage), quiet (sometimes), loud (other times), and mature. No, I am not necessarily agreeing with these descriptions. I'd also like to tell you that I'm probably considerably different from most people my age, but I won't because it sounds cliche and you wouldn't believe me, anyway. Besides, who wouldn't like to think that they're different?

I think I should also discuss my writing style a bit. I'm sure it's quite easily misinterpreted. First of all, I'm not sure where exactly my intellectual level would fall on an age or maturity spectrum, but I think my writing goes back and forth from sounding like a teen to sounding like middle-aged adult. I'd argue that the thought behind most of my writing is very mature, but the writing itself often sounds like a teen wrote it. This is largely because I write about pretty serious topics, but I add a lot of sarcasm, enthusiasm, and sometimes humor to it. In case you haven't noticed. Moreover, you might have noticed that I don't like to make assumptions-- I often use words and phrases like "probably," "I think," and "maybe." I also over-use parentheses. Usually I use them for sarcasm, but I use them to point things out or add something off-topic, too. Also, I think I should tell you my favorite word. Right now it's probably "ridiculous." Really, I use it all the time. More over used words of mine include hilarious, pretty (as in 'quite'), and also. Oh, and I just love to use italics and put emphasis on certain words, too. Usually to reinforce my point, or something.

That's all I'm writing for now. It's already way too long. Don't worry, you'll find out more about me through my posts, if it really matters. Did you really just take the time to read all of that? This is exactly why I shouldn't write 'about me' pages.
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