You don't need a new time/place/circumstance/whatever to change.

I guess I just looooove to shock people. I mean, not really, of course. Not on purpose. But sometimes you've just got to do whatever makes you happy, you know? So if you want to try something new, why not? Because someone will give you a weird look?

Who cares?

Okay, too many questions.

Contrary to popular belief, there's really no point in waiting for a certain setting (e.g. New Year's) to change. If you want to change something about yourself, just do it. Who cares if everyone is surprised? (How dare you suddenly show up with a new look on a random Tuesday!) You can't just sit around waiting for a certain day to introduce a new you.

It's kind of like this post. I bet you all thought I'd forgotten about this blog again, but nope. I actually have a million drafts saved, but I just can't figure out how to finish them. And some are just too personal. But anyway, here I am! Posting my first completed post in months on a random (yet wonderful) Saturday.

Back to the point. I just don't understand the idea of suppressing a sudden urge to change something about yourself until a certain date. Especially any teens out there. I mean, I'm a teenager. I am a changing individual. If I decide, while shopping after a substantial amount of time has passed since my last visit to the mall, that I now prefer bright neon colored dresses, despite the fact that my wardrobe consists largely of plain jeans and bland shirts, than the next day I will be wearing one of the aforementioned abnormally bright neon colored dresses. And everyone will wonder when the last time I ever wore one before was, to which the answer would likely be... fifth grade. (Wow, that's a long time, maybe I should go buy one.)

Well, I think you get the picture. Maybe. Too much ranting? But really, if you've been dying to chop off all your hair, just do it! Or, on the non-superficial side, if you're really shy or something, and you really want to work on being more outgoing, maybe, but you're worried you'll get comments like "Whoa! I've never heard you speak before," just go for it, and ignore the jerks.

And before anyone in a particularly bitter mood decides to bite my head, I realize that maybe we don't want the world to turn into a bunch of volatile freaks who become a brand new person every day. (Although I'm sure you weren't going to point that out.) However, I do feel that suppressing any positive changes you might undergo is not good. People change sometimes, and sometimes for the better, so why wait until next year to express it?

Also, I think my writing style has changed a lot too. Have you noticed? I think this post is more casual and sarcastic than most, but oh well. Have a super fantastic day!

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  1. i totally agree when you say that its up to you to change yourself. people bitch about it all the time, but really, its up to them to make a difference.
    love your blog.
    check out mine, follow back if you like it?


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