How To Be Nicer: Tip #4

Tip #4: Think about what you say.

It should be common sense, but some people just don't. Before you say something to someone, especially if it's something hurtful, think about it. Please. You probably don't know what they're going through, and the situation they're in. Even if you think you know everything about him/her, there's a good chance you actually don't. Think about how what you say might hurt them more than you thought it would, and how much it could affect them. You never exactly know what someone's reaction will be. And, honestly, if you say something hurtful to someone anyway, their opinion of you is probably going to worsen.
Cliche? Definitely. But, come on, pretty much everything in this blog is pretty cliche. But that shouldn't mean we ignore it. Anyway, I'll probably post something about cliche stuff later, because I just realized that this is a completely different topic.

So, to get back on topic, have you ever had a bad day? Or a bad week/month/year/(insert-time-period-here)? We all have, and sometimes if someone's having a bad day (or whatever bad amount of time) saying something offensive is just going to make them feel a million times worse. You might not even realize that you've just made them feel pretty depressed, though. That's one of the problems, here.

Sure, it's always good to ignore these offensive comments and such, but sometimes (especially if your friend says it) you just can't. Also, I've noticed that this often occurs as a result of accusations or just making fun of someone. Stop and get the full story first. False accusations are just the worst, especially when you realize you're wrong. And making fun of others? It's just making them self-conscious. It's really not necessary.

Well anyway, I doubt your one of those mean people who intentionally put others down. Sometimes we just say something offensive or rude without thinking about it, and sometimes it can really hurt someone, unfortunately. Think about how insulting your comment might be, and please don't just assume something about someone.


  1. I wish some people at my school would read this, and actually do it. I know they don't mean to be hurtful sometimes but the way they say things comes off as mean and hurtful. Great post :)

  2. Being nice is a good thing. I agree more people need to be nicer. But at the same time you cant kid yourself that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. You get a lot of nasty/mean people out there who will enjoy in your suffering. What im trying to say is be nice, but dont be a pushover or let people walk over you. Be nice to others, just make sure your being nice to yourself also.


  3. I just came across your blog a little while ago and have read through almost all the posts - a lot of them which I could relate to in some way. Great job!

    I've just started my own blog (www.onlystarintheskye.wordpress.com). It's not very far along, but I linked to you in the first post and just wanted to let you know!

  4. I totally agree with everything in this post. Kindness tends to be way to underrated today, especially at schools. If only we could all work together to make positive changes to the world...

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