Finally Back

September?! I haven't posted since September? Whoa. Life's just moving so quickly lately.

Well it's great to be back. I haven't forgotten about this blog, trust me. In the past few months I've been thinking about what to post next, even though I barely have time to spend in the blogging world anymore... I've been super busy lately, but I think I've mentioned that a few times before. Old news.

New news: While mountains of schoolwork and wasted hours procrastination have been taking up my time as usual, I've also started playing soccer, joined some service clubs at school, and I've basically become (along with my older sister) my little brother's "parent" since my irresponsible (yes, I know, harsh) mother is literally never home and my dad lives hours away. I think you'll be hearing more (and by more I mean a future post) about my mother as my relationship with her gradually deteriorates with each day she spends across town at her boyfriend's house and fails to realize that she still has three children to take care of. Sorry, too much rambling?

But guess what? It's winter break! And that means I have some free time. Yes, some. Unfortunately my teachers have mistaken two weeks for an eternity and I have a ton of homework. (No surprise). Plus, I was sick for the first few days of my break. I also made this to-do list with 17 things listed so that I wouldn't waste my break in front of the TV and computer. Good news: it's actually working. So far I've accomplished three of the 17 tasks and at least started another seven. I know that doesn't sound like much, but most of these things are long-term, like fixing my sleeping schedule and studying for my AP exams. The other seven things are short-term, like doing homework assignments or buying something I need. Blogging was on the list too (that's another check mark).

Lately everything's been kind of disoriented and I've been way too stressed out. So that's why I've resorted to making a to-do list. Believe it or not, cleaning my room has really helped. I guess being so disorganized was affecting me more than I thought. Catching up in pre-calc has really helped too. And all my other classes. Every break/holiday I promise myself I'll get stuff done, but I never really do. I guess a mental to-do list wasn't as effective, and probably just more stressful. Then again, should I even have a to-do list over the holidays?

To be honest, I started writing a few posts a few months ago, and every time I've logged onto blogger I've tried to finish them, but just felt that they weren't very good. I think I'll just re-write some of them.

How have you all been lately? Oh and, happy holidays! I know it's a little late, but better late than never, right? (Well, maybe not. It's that kind of thinking that gets me 10% off every other English homework assignment.) I feel like this post is a bit jumbled and a little all over the place, but I have so much to say!

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