Taking Everything For Granted

I admit that I take things for granted. I really try not to, but I still do. I think everyone takes at least a few things for granted, even if they don't realize it. That's not so bad, but there are some who can't even appreciate the most basic things. Just think about all those things that people commonly take for granted-- technology, food, water, your five senses, functioning body parts, other people, nature, shelter, time, being alive. Is there something in that insignificantly small list that you take for granted? Your life could be so much worse. Think about it.

I just hate listening to other people complain about the smallest, unimportant things. I can't stand when someone takes everything, and I mean everything, for granted. Especially when they have so much to appreciate.

We're reminded of these things which many of us take for granted everyday. Just watch the news, or one of those tragic documentaries. Sure, we see it, and we think something like, "oh, that's so tragic. I feel so bad for them. I'm glad that's not me," but the majority of us will go on with our lives, forget what we saw, and take for granted that it wasn't us.

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. We've all (probably) done this at some point, including me. (Though, like I said, I really try not to, and I think I'm getting better at it.) You know, those everyday problems that most of us make such a big deal out of are actually really petty. I bet you could think of something that you complained about today, and replace it with a "at least I ____." Here are some examples which I've so kindly made up for you: Bad hair day? At least you have hair. You're car won't start? At least you have a car. You're not happy with your weight? At least you have a functioning body.You messed up on you speech? At least you can speak.

Get the picture? That list of examples could go on and on.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but this not-taking-things-for-granted thing has a lot to do with optimism. Like I've said before, try to think more positively.

Story time! (Yay!) First of all, I have to share this very well known quote with you: "You don't know what you have until it's gone." I think this happens a lot because of taking what you have for granted. When I was little, my dad gave me this kitten (though there were many objections by my mom). I loved the kitten, but I was a kid, and I took her for granted. Of course, this ends tragically. She got run over by a car, and killed. I still miss her, in fact. Well, anyway I learned that I should realize what I have while I still have it. I don't take my pets (or other things, for that matter) for granted anymore. I'd like to point out, though, that learning the hard way sucks. Also, I'm guessing that if you don't like cats you might not understand this, but I hope you still get the point of the story.

I greatly encourage you to write a list of things that you take for granted or did take for granted. Or something like that. I'm sure if you kept adding to it, it would become ridiculously long. Oh, and one more cliche line: life's too short to take things for granted. I know how you love those cliche sentences.

What are your thoughts about the post? What's something that you used to take for granted, or just realized that you take for granted?


  1. i hate listening to the complainers as well. instead of nagging, they should just go do something about it..tsk3


  2. Good post and I agree. I try not to take things for granted but I do it alllllll the time. It's something that I really need to work on.

  3. Thanks for commenting!

    @Ching: They should definitely do something about. I don't think I mentioned that in my post, but I'm sure I'll write something about it later.

    @my socks never match: I know, it's so hard to not take things for granted. I'm glad you're trying though!

  4. I hate complainers!! Einstein said "if you're busy you won't have time for tears" or something like that...complainers just don't have anything to do or have people doing things for them. Complainers are usually spoiled.

  5. I agree with the message of this post but I disagree with the idea that complaining means you take things for granted. I complain, a lot. It's my way of getting things out and removing the stress or anxiety or hurt that comes with whatever I'm complaining about.

    For example, I have an EXTREMELY irritable manager. Her and I just do not mesh at all, and last time we worked together she nearly bought me to tears. You better believe I complain about her. I curse her out, I say mean things, I whine, etc. But it helps me release all that pent up energy and aggravation. It doesn't mean I'm not thankful for A) Having a job B) Having a job that can work with my schedule or C) That I'm healthy enough to work at all.

    Complaining, to me, is a just a way to release the negative so that you truly can be positive and appreciate the good in a situation. At least, that's my opinion.

  6. Thanks for sharing your opinions, everyone. I think maybe too much emphasis has been placed on complaining. I re-read my post and only found two sentences about complaining. In the second one I realized that "complained" should probably have been "took for granted." Sorry for the misunderstanding. Complaining about something certainly isn't always the same as taking something for granted. Come on, I was complaining in this post! Also, when I was talking about complaining about the smallest, unimportant things, I really did mean things that are insignificant. I think taking things for granted is more often about not realizing what you have, and maybe not as often about hating what you have.

    Again, thanks for all the great feedback! :)

  7. Girl, Amen to this post!! Think of everything we take for granted... our sight, our health, our 2 legs, our families, our car, our homes, our water, our food. You name it. I'm sure most people cruze through life on cruze control and never really think about what we have. Best post I've read today by far. Thanks dear!!

  8. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the post so much! And, yes I'm sure way too many people do. It's just so easy to not realize all the good things you have.

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment. This was an exceptional post. Too often we tend to overlook the positives in our life and dwell on the negatives. It is important to realize that life itself is a blessing <3 Jill

  10. Thanks for your comment, as well!


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