How To Be Nicer: Tip #1

I've been thinking about making a post like this, but then, as I thought of more things to add, I realized it would be way too long. Instead, I'll post a tip about being nicer every few days. The world could always use more niceness, right? Even if you're already really nice, I'm sure a few reminders couldn't hurt. Well, anyway here's tip #1:

Tip #1: Stop judging.
Seriously. No one likes to be judged, and I'm pretty sure that you're not an exception. We've all judged others before (myself included, though not proudly) and we've all been judged. But, what's the point? These judgments are almost never right and they're often hurtful. As I've talked about before, judging others is one of those instinctual actions that we do to categorize things.

It's not hopeless, though. If you catch yourself automatically judging someone, try to ignore the judgment. How many of your judgments have ever been right? I can honestly say that almost none of mine have been right. Once I thought this girl that I'd just met was a complete snob and really mean, but guess what? I was totally wrong, and later we became best friends. I'm guessing that if I had stuck to that judgment we would have become something more along the lines of enemies.

Anyway, if no one likes being judged, then why does everyone do it? Because everyone else does? That's a crappy excuse. Maybe if you don't judge as much you'll see more opportunities for friendship. Just a thought.

Opinions? If you'd like to know more, you can read this study.


  1. I think people judge cuz it's just an automatic thing, back from when humans were first made. You had to pass judgement on your environment, those around you, everything. You had to make sure you were safe and protected and that those you were in contact with wouldn't do you wrong. It used to be a survival skill but now it's just an annoying, inbred tick no one can completely get rid of.

  2. Exactly. People don't need to judge anymore, but we still do as a way of understanding things, sort of. All we can really do is ignore those little judgments we pass automatically about people.


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