Superficial Addictions

Have you ever had one? I have. More than one, actually, and it's not something I'm exactly proud of. Maybe you can't be seen without make-up on, or you just have to have your nails done at all times. Maybe you have to wear a certain style of clothing at all times, or you have to do your hair a certain way.

Personally, my problem started in seventh grade with make-up and a hair straightening iron. Doesn't really sound too bad, right? Well, the problem is that I wouldn't go out of the house without eye liner on and without my hair completely straight. When I was thirteen.

I'm not completely sure why I was like this, but I think I had some issues.  I did get over it, though. Half-way through eighth grade I realized that I actually look pretty good without make up. Although, I'm disappointed to say that it took as the summer after ninth grade for me to be okay with going out of the house without straightening my hair. Looking back, I'd say it was quite pathetic. I actually like my hair curly now, especially since it's not so frizzy anymore. (In case you're wondering, I got over my straight-hair-obsession after being forced to go without my straightener for a month. At the time, it was almost torture... again, pathetic.)

I'd like to point out that those obsessions were quite small compared to some that others have. Some are just strange. Things like plastic surgery addictions make my story sound like nothing (read this is if you don't believe me). Also, I think it's pretty safe to say that the most common superficial obsession is weight. Too many people are addicted to there scales, mirrors, tape measures, and diets.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying criticizing you for wearing make-up, doing your hair, or weighing yourself. I'm just saying that you shouldn't feel like you have to, and if you shouldn't feel ugly if you don't. Hopefully your "addiction" is reversible (if you have one). Maybe if you skip the make up, or the excessive hairstyling, or the compulsive weighing, you'll realize that you're actually pretty without it. Seriously, try it.

Any thoughts? Tell me one of your superficial addiction stories if you have one-- I told you one of mine, after all. I hope you like the post!


  1. Hey cute blog! I just came across it and thought I should leave a comment! <3 lol

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

  3. My freshman year of high school I refused to leave the house without DARK eye makeup and REALLY heavy eyeliner on top and bottom. I tried to venture away from it one day but somebody told me I looked weird that day. I guess because they were so used to seeing me that way :/ but I definitely go lighter on my makeup now haha.

  4. That was part of my problem too. I thought if I didn't go to school with make up and straight hair people would think I looked weird or something. I don't think anyone actually said anything about it though.


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