Why You Should Take a Vacation

Work, work, work. After a while, constantly working is going to have some serious consequences, such as stress and even premature death. Going a few years without a break is just a bad idea. In fact, it's unhealthy. So, let's talk about some of the many benefits of taking a much-needed vacation every so often.

We all know that vacations are fun and relaxing. They can reduce your stress levels significantly, as it turns out. Not to mention the great mood you'll be in a few days later. Also, taking a break from your daily schedule every once in a while is important. It just gets boring, doesn't it?

Guess what else? Taking a vacation can actually improve your work productivity. It increases your creativity as well. Did you know that taking a vacation can result in at least five weeks of less stress? (Read this.)

Of course, vacations also bring memories, time for yourself, and a feeling of adventure. And one of the best parts is seeing how others live (if you go somewhere pretty far).

Do you really need me to give you all these reasons for taking a vacation? All in all, a vacation will make you happier, and not just for the time you're there. Oh, and it doesn't even have to be anything fancy or super expensive. Go to the beach for a bit, or maybe visit the spa. Just do something to give yourself a break. I'm pretty sure you deserve it. Next time your thinking about skipping that vacation, just remember: it's good for your health.

How often do you take vacations? Do you feel better afterward? If you have any tips please share them. I hope you're not wasting your summer!

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