That One Thing

First of all, I said I'd be back the next day, but obviously that went way down the drain. Basically I've had writer's block (still) and no alone time. And I'm not one of those people who can just get on the computer and start blogging with my entire family in the room. I can't even stay on the computer uninterrupted for a long enough period of time to write an entire post.

Not that that's a good excuse.

Anyway. You know how people always say "everyone is good at something"?

And how a lot of people have that one thing that they're just really really good at? Or maybe you disagree, and feel that many people have no talents, I don't know. Maybe I just feel like everyone is talented in some way because I'm constantly surrounded by talented people at my school.

But, I'm a super-ambitious-overachiever and perfectionist, and I kind of wish I had a thing that I was really good at. (But really, who doesn't? I mean, even people who are super talented probably feel like they're still not good enough sometimes, right?)

I guess for me, that one thing used to be school. I used to be a fantastic (maybe annoying) straight-A student-nerd. And maybe even music, at some point. Until my parents made me stop taking lessons, I guess.

Okay, I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this. I guess I'm trying to figure out why I suddenly started doing all these new things, and hoping that you'll get something out of this too. Are you lost yet?

So, I was good at academics. Maybe I would have had a chance at discovering another talent, but when I was younger my parents were not supportive of me doing anything extracurricular (except for piano lessons for a while). But, I didn't. And this year, my perfect student record was destroyed. Yeah, IB is not easy. So, since I felt like a not-so-great student, and I realized I had hardly any extracurricular activities, I started trying new extracurriculars. Like soccer, running for class president, ballet, jazz, and various volunteer clubs and organizations.

Okay, honestly I wrote all of the above ^ a while ago. It seemed too jumbled to publish and I wasn't sure how to finish it. I should add that being a beginner in something makes it seem like everyone else is amazing at that one thing. I'm guess I'm one of those all around people. Okay (and even good, sometimes) at lots of things, not fantastic at one particular thing. And maybe that's not so bad. Or maybe we all do have something (or things) we're really good at, even if we don't know it yet. I certainly don't think anyone is talent-less. Which brings me to my next topic. Try something new, maybe something you've always wanted to do, and stick with it.

Yeah, that means there's going to be a new post. So come back later.


  1. I understand how hard it is to blog when you're around family. There are a lot of people in mine and I don't have my own laptop, we share it. But still, you better not ditch us again for so long! :P
    Hmm, I do think that everyone is talented at SOMETHING. But I think it doesn't have to be so solid, like music, art, writing, cooking and so one are things which can easily be spotted.
    However, I believe that some people have a talent of being a certain way, like being good listeners (someone people can rely on), or being 'the life of the party' (someone lively who brings everyone together.
    I hope you get what I mean :P
    Nice post, good to see you're back :D

  2. I know, I know. I'll TRY, haha. I always feel kind of guilty when I neglect my blog for too long.

    Oh, yeah I completely get what you mean! Wow, I hadn't even really thought about it that way when I wrote this. See, this is exactly why I love comments! :)


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