Hello? Is anyone still there?

No? Well, I have been gone for more than six months. A dead blog is such a sad sight.
Good thing this one's not really dead! It was just... in a coma or something. Anyway...

Reviving this blog in 3...2...1... NOW!

So, where have I been?
Well, nowhere, actually. Maybe a bit overloaded with school work, maybe a bit lazy, you know-- the usual. The past few weeks I've actually had the time and motivation, but I haven't had a computer. (And, I know, who doesn't own a computer these days, right?)

Oh yeah, and it's summer! But since I'm much more college app-conscious this year, I have to find something productive to do. Like get a job/internship, or volunteer. It's surprisingly difficult to even find somewhere to volunteer. I thought anyone would've wanted the free help, but as it turns out I was wrong.


  1. It's good to have you back! Looking forward to an exciting new blog :)

  2. So you came back and disappeared again? :P
    Lol, come back here!


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