What's So Bad About Being Different?

NOTHING, in my opinion. Unfortunately, there is apparently something wrong with being different in some people's opinions. We've all heard that if everyone was the same the world would be boring. It's so true, but there are still so many people trying to be just like everyone else, or places where people are forced to conform. Some people try to change themselves to fit the norm because they want to be accepted. Even following trends, which many people wouldn't think twice about, is sort of like trying to be like everyone else.

What's really so great about being just like everyone else? Fitting in, maybe? And people who are forced to conform are probably not very happy with having to (I certainly wouldn't be). Likewise, trying to change yourself into someone your not isn't going to work-- you'll probably just end up unhappy. Furthermore, trends (especially fashion trends) are usually started by people who are doing something different.

Generally, people dislike others who are different because they don't understand or they have beliefs that go against something that person does. It could be both. Ignorance might not be such a big deal, but a lot of people don't bother to try and inform themselves or, worse, they completely ignore the people trying to inform them. As for beliefs, people should never force theirs on someone else. Everyone has their own, and hating someone for having different beliefs than you seems pretty wrong to me.

So, the next time you meet someone who's different, try to understand, and try to remember that they might not believe in the same things that you do. Really, there's just no reason to hate someone for being different, especially if they can't change it. (Some would argue that the person can change, but I think that would just lead to unhappiness.) Maybe you could think of it from an opposite view point-- if everyone was like that person, and you were the person disliked for being different. (More on that later.)

What do you think, did I miss anything? Have you ever been treated wrongly for being different? If so, please share!

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