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Today I don't exactly have the time to write a full article, but nevertheless I'd like to share some of the interesting discoveries I've made recently. Oh, and go back and read the labels and stereotypes article-- I did some serious editing since it just hadn't ended up the way I'd imagined. I think it's much better now, and that's part of the reason I didn't have time to write a full article. Rest assured though, tomorrow there will be a new and interesting article. Also I'd like to point out that I really do try to post everyday, which is why I'm at least going to post this. I think you'll find it quite interesting anyway.

First of all, a few days ago I found this site, jezebel.com, which is filled with some pretty interesting and entertaining articles, along with more sites to visit. And then, on Jezebel.com, I found an article about thefbomb.org, which turned out to be a pretty amazing site. It's a feminist blog for teens, if you're wondering. That being said, I'd like to take a moment to explain what "feminist" means. Although the term is a bit misleading, it means you believe in the equality of genders. Many people do, however, think "feminism" means the belief in the superiority females (including my own sister) which I do not support. Actually, a better term for me would be "egalitarian" as I believe that all people should be treated equally. After all, discrimination is a problem beyond gender (race, sexuality, etc.). Anyway, I was just trying to clear things up, and if you believe that women should be treated like people, you should check out the site. Plus, there are some really interesting view points from people around the world, which I especially find interesting.

And now moving on to a considerably less controversial and serious topic: Twilight fans. You're probably thinking something like "oh, I wonder what they did this time" or rolling your eyes. That seems like a pretty typical reaction to me (and actually it usually is my reaction). So, a few weeks ago I read an article about how twilight fans had started biting each other, which is just disturbing and makes no sense to me. Though, some people are saying it's been around for a while... As if that's not enough, today I read an article about another weird trend for Twilight fans: "vampire veneers" (you can read about it here or here). I guess now they can bite each other with actual "fangs". Personally, I think it's just ridiculous. Of course, I have nothing against normal Twilight fans.

Oh wow, look at that. It looks like I wrote a pretty long article anyway. Let me know what you think!

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